Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Suffering is Optional

Do u know those blogs you read where somebody is writing about their experiences and they are so vague about it or even so poetic that you are left with a very empty icky feeling of "why dont they just get on with it and say it like it is. Say it! I hate such blogs...ok I am also being as vague but I say if you are going to write about your experiences you better be real about it. Stop euphemising with picturesque descriptions around the issue itself(someone must have died and made me a literary expert on authorial emotional expression-what does that even mean?)
Today is New years eve and for once I am actually excited. I have only one resolution this time, which I probably wont keep, but at least I have a goal. I will excercise at least once a week (yes that is quite the task for me cause I am just a couch potato). Maybe I can shed off those 6 Kgs I dont need.
So back to the real reason I am excited. I made a huge discovery this Christmas. Family members are the cause of all the mental cases there are. What better time than Christmas to discover that your family is the driving force of your insanity. Ok, its not a new discovery cause many have known this for years. But for me it was like an 'aha moment', as Oprah calls it. I have never felt so freed(am I being vague?). These people are driving me crazy! I realised that I have been depressed for past few years because of rejection and resentment I felt towards my sister. I never even knew about it but when I figured it out I felt so free. Freeeeeeee! I am not abnormal! Wooohooo! So now all I have to do is just get over it and not let it ruin the rest of my life. So my new year is gonna start with a new mindset. I am just excited. Someone once told me that tragedy is inevitable but suffering is optional. I am going to leave all that pain in 2008.

So anyway, about that excercising, does flipping channels on the remote count?