Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I finally made it into film school(apparently I have talent)! Yay! Oooh, if all my skeptics could see me now. I remember the way I would try so hard to go to different types of people, showing them my scripts begging them to teach me how to edit. None of them had any interest in helping me in any way and even fewer people encouraging me. Only Wambui Murima (Rest in Peace) believed that I had talent that could make waves. And because of that extra push I am doing not just a college diploma or an undergraduate degree; I am doing my Master's degree in film. Its been so hard trying to get to this point. Its such a nice feeling to wake up each day and know that one day, I am going to be the best film producer in the world...ok ok baby steps, in Africa.
So herein starts my journey to becoming a storyteller....